Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pam. Again.

 You guys remember Pam? She is the one who did not like my name. 
She came running to my office and closed the door in order to "hide."
Yes, Pam..can I help you? 
Oh, I am not here for any reason.
Oh. Is the boss out there?
No, worse. 
Oh, my God the C.E.O?
No, way worse.
Britney spears? She wants to know why we don't sell her perfume anymore? Well, I tell her she is Wal-Marts bitch now. I don't care. I'll tell her, I will.
M, no, not Britney. But that's funny though..can you imagine? Haha.
It's my husbands ex-girlfriend. 
Oh. So, you are hiding from her because....? She gained 300 pounds since the break up and can crush you like a pancake?
M, be serious. This is a problem. 
Okay. I'll try. Give it to me.
She always looks me up and down and compares herself to me in her head. She is such a bitch. You know it's not my fault my husband broke up with her to be with me. I didn't even know she exists. You know?
Yes, I mean how could possibly know that your 45 year old husband had dated OTHER people than you?
No, I mean I didn't know he dumped her for me.
Oh, Pam. Stop it. She is here to look at the make-up, not you. 
That was a long time ago. I am sure she is over it now and doesn't care.
Oh, no no no she cares. She is crazy. I mean why do you think she comes in HERE to buy make-up, why not somewhere else?

Now, this is the part I didn't have the heart to tell Pam. Maybe she comes in here because we are the only company who carry that brand of make-up in a 50 miles radius and she doesn't want to risk ordering online????????????????????????????????????????? Could that be a reason????????????????! HUH?!
Why do you act like you won some big prize? Your husband, basically jumped from one woman to the other. 
It's been years. She is over it. Get over yourself. 

That's what I wanted to say to her, but instead I gave her chocolate and let her vent. I mean, that's the least I could do considering the poor woman is married to some 2-timing looser. 

This song is dedicated to Pam. 

Love, M.


  1. Oh my gosh... Drama queen much??? It's really concerning that old(er) people can be so damn immature. High school is over with, ppl! Hahaa. Lady has got some problems, I think.

  2. I know i know... she's a party tho. she's my entertainment for the day so ill to mess with her and the others. lol i should stop.