Thursday, June 16, 2011

The best relationship advice I can give you.

Keep your relationship private. Now, I don't mean don't tell people you are together..tell the whole world if you want. But do not discuss your relationship with other people. Just don't. If you had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend don't tell co-workers, friends, or family. Most of the time (if you are in a serious relationship) disagreements get worked the mean time you don't need to be spilling your business to anyone who will listen. You do not need other peoples opinion about your relationship. The relationship is only between you and the other person. People will misguide you and judge you sometimes unknowingly other times knowingly. You don't need the added stress. Even when things are great, don't brag about it. Rejoice in your happiness and don't let others possibly ruin it for you out of jealously or misunderstanding. And most of all do not discuss or disclose intimate details of your relationship. You can seriously hurt and break the trust of your partner. My point is, and I get most of you may not agree but I've found this to be true for me and many other people... is to keep private. It gives you and your partner a that only you 2 understand and that no one else can break. The reason I never hear about truly HAPPY marriages... I mean REALLY TRULY happy marriages is because they are PRIVATE. 

Love, M 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birchbox. Done.

Just gonna point out quick that it's taking 2 weeks for my Birchbox to get here... I sent off an e-mail asking where it was and got no response. Then, I checked the tracking number and it said it's JUST now been shipped. I know that Business cannot be perfect all the time but I'd sure appreciate a response at least..even if automated. 
So, I am not mad about that it's just weird plus my last 2 were kinda lame, so I might end my subscription. 
Just so you know. <3 Love, M

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When a Client wants to give me Chanel and May Favorite Accessories!

I've been watching a lot of court shows lately and I came upon this. 
It's not mine. But it's so funny. 
Poor woman. These are my favorite Accessories for the Month of May. 

Cute bag? No?! I love it!
I've been getting so many compliments on it. 
It's even better in person.

I love this hair band. 

These tights by DKNY .. I love them for work. 
I pair skirts and shorts with them to keep more of a conservative look plus it's major cold in that building. 

Okay. So, that was only 3 things. 

What else?

A client (very wealthy) gifted me some items from Chanel.
I was like: 

I think I am in love with you?

But no. Company policy states that we cannot accept gifts.
Therefore it was taken away from me and it's going to be given to charity.
Which is a yay! 
But nay also.. because come on it's Chanel... 

Hope everyone is doing well.
I am sorry for the lack of postage. 
I've been very busy with work. 

Love, M

Song for the week: 

Friday, June 3, 2011

I think this is wrong...WORK STORY.

A lady that works with me...we will call her K. K? K. 
Yes, another work story.
So, there is a creep who comes in to "shop" and stops by to see her.
To be honest... I don't think he EVER buys anything EVER. 
He always leaves empty handed.
My definition of a creep= a nasty nobody, who is a womanizer, cheater, low-life, broke ass fuck up, in need of mental help fucking loser. 
Anyway, this creep gives K a hug and is holding her around the shoulders, telling her how beautiful she is and how sexy she is.
Mind you, creep is married. 
Poor woman. 
So, is K by the way.
To a VERY lovely man. 
I've met him.
He's great. 
And they joke about having a 1 night stand.
I mean.....listen.... I know it's not my business and maybe I am just a prude...but they flirt.. and he's gross.
It's men like him that should be shipped off to a far away planet and left there with NO ONE!
Can you imagine how his wife feels? If she knows? Or if she found out?
I know if it was me, it would devastate me. 
K, complains too that her husband doesn't want to have sex with her anymore either.
Again, don't know why middle-aged women spill their life to me but they do.
I think just K should work on her marriage instead of flirting with a creep.
Maybe she likes the attention from other men?
I don't know.
But ew.
Just ew.
I really wish I didn't witness that it gives me nasty "taste" in my head.

I mean, what the hell? I know being married to the same person for 10-20 years is rough but if you're not in it til the end you have no business being with that person. 
So, what the older you get the less your marriage matters?

Love, M