Thursday, June 16, 2011

The best relationship advice I can give you.

Keep your relationship private. Now, I don't mean don't tell people you are together..tell the whole world if you want. But do not discuss your relationship with other people. Just don't. If you had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend don't tell co-workers, friends, or family. Most of the time (if you are in a serious relationship) disagreements get worked the mean time you don't need to be spilling your business to anyone who will listen. You do not need other peoples opinion about your relationship. The relationship is only between you and the other person. People will misguide you and judge you sometimes unknowingly other times knowingly. You don't need the added stress. Even when things are great, don't brag about it. Rejoice in your happiness and don't let others possibly ruin it for you out of jealously or misunderstanding. And most of all do not discuss or disclose intimate details of your relationship. You can seriously hurt and break the trust of your partner. My point is, and I get most of you may not agree but I've found this to be true for me and many other people... is to keep private. It gives you and your partner a that only you 2 understand and that no one else can break. The reason I never hear about truly HAPPY marriages... I mean REALLY TRULY happy marriages is because they are PRIVATE. 

Love, M 


  1. Hello! I just found your blog trying to find people venting on relationships lol

    I totally agree with you, I learnt that lesson the hard way.

    Especially because I tend to bitch to my friends when stuff goes wrong, so they think it's a horrible relationship and give me really stressful situations later.

    Couple issues are just for the couple. No one else needs to hear.

    I really liked what you said so I'm gonna follow you *^^*

  2. awwww thank you! :) i know it's so true. all anyone ever says oh he is a jerk leave him and move on... (friends i mean say that) i checked out your blog too.. do you work for air France? i just flew with them and from Washington too!

  3. I used to work there for a year but my internship was over in April, so now I can bitch-blog about them all I want! lol I hope you had a great experience though!