Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When a Client wants to give me Chanel and May Favorite Accessories!

I've been watching a lot of court shows lately and I came upon this. 
It's not mine. But it's so funny. 
Poor woman. These are my favorite Accessories for the Month of May. 

Cute bag? No?! I love it!
I've been getting so many compliments on it. 
It's even better in person.

I love this hair band. 

These tights by DKNY .. I love them for work. 
I pair skirts and shorts with them to keep more of a conservative look plus it's major cold in that building. 

Okay. So, that was only 3 things. 

What else?

A client (very wealthy) gifted me some items from Chanel.
I was like: 

I think I am in love with you?

But no. Company policy states that we cannot accept gifts.
Therefore it was taken away from me and it's going to be given to charity.
Which is a yay! 
But nay also.. because come on it's Chanel... 

Hope everyone is doing well.
I am sorry for the lack of postage. 
I've been very busy with work. 

Love, M

Song for the week: 

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