Thursday, December 30, 2010


Plastic drawer sets for organizing your makeup.

It's not cute. No matter how great it is for keeping things neat.
I rather keep my makeup in a cardboard box. 

Much Love <3 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What's IN & What's OUT: Lip Color Edition

Nude Lips are a thing of the past... & so OUT!
Not only do they make you look washed out, dried up, and just plain 
but they sometimes even have the magical power of making 
your lips disappear. Now, how is that cute guy going to kiss you if he doesn't know where 
your lips are?

This winter and spring, don't be afraid to go for a bold lip because it's so IN!
 The key is to have a natural eye and light blush. 
It adds color to your face and for the extra pop of color, make sure you're not wearing anything that will clash too much. Example: Red dress, red lipstick.

I have a theory pinks are in for spring.

What are your favorite bold colors? 
Much Love <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

FIRST EVER....PRODUCT SUGGESTION! Boots Original Beauty Formula Hand Creme in Lavender!

Boots Original Beauty Formula Hand Creme in Lavender!

1. Its smell isn't overwhelming!
2. It's moisturizing but does not leave wet or greasy feeling!
3. Dries silky!
4. Packaging is cute and messy proof! 

Note: When you squeeze the tube, the product comes out nicely, nothing is left on the tube
and it comes out in a small amount so you never have to worry about where or on who you're gonna have to rub your hands off!

You can find this at or your local Target Stores for $7.99 ..or where ever else Boots is sold!

What's your favorite Hand Creme? 
Much Love <3

What's IN & What's OUT: Hair Edition!

Let's face it girls...straightening your hair is just not cute anymore!
I mean.. to be honest... taking a tool that heats up to 200-400 Degrees to your 
hair...doesn't seem nice!
Who wants stick straight hair?!

And all those "Heat Protection" products haven't
 fully proven themselves helpful.

Wearing your hair curly..or natural is INN! AND GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR...& it let's you 
sleep in longer in the morning! 

How does your hair look naturally? 
Much Love <3

What's IN & What's OUT: Nail Edition

Bye Bye Grey Nail Polish! You were DULL anyway!

What is IN!!! GLITTER... & don't fret... with these COLORS you won't feel like a 12 year old!

Katy Perry takes it to a whole new level! But those are sexy!

Here are some of my favorites from the drugstore! 

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color 
From left: Strobe Light #200, Rockstar Pink #05, Celeb City # 13

So, go ahead, be bold with your nails! 

What's your favorite glitter nail polish?! 
Leave a comment below!
Much Love <3

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kim Kardashian & the Kardashians all together are ... OUT!

You know these girls will put their name on about just anything...if it means getting sponsored and getting their bank accounts filled! 

I just love how she is sucking in so much in this picture...!

Bottom Line... everyone is a doing a "Kim Kardashian Hair Tutorial ...Makeup Look..etc"... I don't wanna look like that. Who does? I just wanna look like me. Those curly hair tutorials are over played!
PS: Her perfume..stinks..anyone else try it?

So, who is the big next thing you ask...well isn't it obvious?
It's me!!!!!!!

I'm just kidding! I don't know who the big next thing is... but it's not Kim K or Taylor Swift..and Lauren Conrad is old news.

So, you tell me, who do you think it is? 
Leave a comment below!
Make sure it's a positive role model for girls!


Burt's Bee Lip Stuff is a MISS!.... Everyone raved about Burt's Bee Lip Stuff...but now you never hear about it anymore. Everyone reverts back to their favorite Chapstick or Carmex. But, where I am from (Europe) Nivea Lip Care products are the best and most loved least in my family. And now I am hearing all about Nivea and for good reason, too!

Burt's Bee stung my lips and have this smell of honey...
and honestly.. I don't like honey on my body at all....unless it's getting licked off! HAHA Just kidding. 
However, there are ENDLESS BEAUTIFUL SMELLING Nivea lip balms that are also in cute packaging...who could resist?

They come in varies forms from SPF, Shimmer, Tinted, Lip Boosting, Repair and Balm for Men! 
And in all different flavors as well! From honey & milk (if you can't get over Burt's) cherry, strawberry, etc. Not to mention the original and other fresh flavors as well! The possibilities are endless!
What a HIT!!!

You can find these at your local drugstore and at Target, Walmart, etc. 
If you try 'em out, leave a comment below and let me know what ya think!
Much Love <3


In case you were living in a cave for the last fashion season... long necklaces are OUT! 


Sorry, Kate Moss...


Heidi Klum gets it.. 


There you go ladies! First ever Inn 'en Out! Much Love <3

Quick Tip: For those long necklaces laying around, just double 'em up and you got yourself a whole new style, just make sure you don't choke yourself!!!

What Innhits is all about...!!!

Hey everyone!

Thank you for reading my blog. Innhits is going to be a new type of beauty/fashion blog. I will cover beauty products that were a HIT or a MISS...and fashion styles that are IN or OUT. Granted this is only my opinion and this is meant to be a fun blog. So, don't take it too seriously... and if you get offended by my blog I am sorry, those are not my intentions. Love<3