Sunday, July 24, 2011

InnOUTS: The MOFO Feathers...

Here we go...

Yes, I am saying it...or typing it..whatever.
These feather extensions or hair clip shit things whatever you wanna call 'em are so OUT!
And 75% of the reason for this being out in my book is because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon... even though 99.9% of you cannot pull this off if your life depended on it (me included).
The other 25% of the reason for this being out is because it just gives us reasons to be even more FAKE and even more WORRY about shit falling off our BODIES...(fake nails, fake hair, fake feathers) 
Can you imagine what GUYS think of this?
I just picture a girl putting this in her hair and feeling all confident and sexy edgy and what not and the guy showing up and simply saying..."What the FUCK is that in your hair?"
Save yourself the embarrassment and the money. 
Oh, and yes this actually costs money! I forgot to tell ya'll...
somewhere out there is some dude or girl sitting on bank loads of money laughing at people who are buying feather their hair pieces for fucking $50.00!!! 

K. I was nasty. This was nasty. But It had to be done.
I am sorry. 
<3 M

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrity Outs....Not Newsworthy

Look, I am sure the movie is "great" and "really funny" and "super cute", but does it REALLY have to be advertised so damn heavily that I have no fucking clue what the fuck else is coming out? 

JLO and Marc are breaking up. I didn't see that coming *rolls eyes*...but seriously People Magazine? 
4/5 of your top stories are about them... have you ever heard of condensing? or is there REALLY nothing else going on in the world? 

I mean I love celebrity gossip once in a while so I just had to point this out...

Yes, Pairs Hilton... take a time out and throw a fit because guess what? 
You are a HAS BEEN! 
And the fact that you purposely created an "airhead" version of yourself for TV just demeans the female race further. Thanks. 

 Hugh on not marrying some blonde desperate money greedy bimbo.. uh no I am pretty sure SHE missed a bullet. 
Why is this news? 

Uh.. done ya'lls I just had forgive me!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let me pass this along.

Not everything is as it seems. 
This is a simple sentence but so hard to comprehend. 
My physiology professor  from a few years ago repeated this saying throughout the semester. I never took it in until now. I actually forgot about it until something happened and I thought... "Oh, but it seemed like..." and then it hit me. 
Not everything is as it seems.

Love, M

More makeup and beauty posts are on their way!

Monday, July 11, 2011

to wonderful people....

just got home ...well a few hours ago but still... from vacation and from solving personal problems... life is rough but im back. talk to you soon. <3 thank you for not leaving me.