Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrity Outs....Not Newsworthy

Look, I am sure the movie is "great" and "really funny" and "super cute", but does it REALLY have to be advertised so damn heavily that I have no fucking clue what the fuck else is coming out? 

JLO and Marc are breaking up. I didn't see that coming *rolls eyes*...but seriously People Magazine? 
4/5 of your top stories are about them... have you ever heard of condensing? or is there REALLY nothing else going on in the world? 

I mean I love celebrity gossip once in a while so I just had to point this out...

Yes, Pairs Hilton... take a time out and throw a fit because guess what? 
You are a HAS BEEN! 
And the fact that you purposely created an "airhead" version of yourself for TV just demeans the female race further. Thanks. 

 Hugh on not marrying some blonde desperate money greedy bimbo.. uh no I am pretty sure SHE missed a bullet. 
Why is this news? 

Uh.. done ya'lls I just had forgive me!

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