Sunday, July 24, 2011

InnOUTS: The MOFO Feathers...

Here we go...

Yes, I am saying it...or typing it..whatever.
These feather extensions or hair clip shit things whatever you wanna call 'em are so OUT!
And 75% of the reason for this being out in my book is because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon... even though 99.9% of you cannot pull this off if your life depended on it (me included).
The other 25% of the reason for this being out is because it just gives us reasons to be even more FAKE and even more WORRY about shit falling off our BODIES...(fake nails, fake hair, fake feathers) 
Can you imagine what GUYS think of this?
I just picture a girl putting this in her hair and feeling all confident and sexy edgy and what not and the guy showing up and simply saying..."What the FUCK is that in your hair?"
Save yourself the embarrassment and the money. 
Oh, and yes this actually costs money! I forgot to tell ya'll...
somewhere out there is some dude or girl sitting on bank loads of money laughing at people who are buying feather their hair pieces for fucking $50.00!!! 

K. I was nasty. This was nasty. But It had to be done.
I am sorry. 
<3 M

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