Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute way to Organize Your Inexpensive Jewelery & Other Randoms.

I found this BEAUTIFUL mirrored tray with outlined detail at a local Home Goods store.
I am absolutely in love with it. 
I needed something to put my inexpensive jewelry on and this was perfect.
I like to keep my fine jewelery or other more personal precious accessories in my jewelry drawers and/or a jewelery box. So, I didn't want to stick things from Charlotte Ruse in with real silver. Not that I don't like my things from Charlotte Ruse, I just find it that when and if everything mixes the more expensive and meaningful items go missing. 
I think this is cute. 
Would love to know how you guys store your stuff? 

On another note, my life story could be summed up by "the girl who lost millions of head phones and spent millions in replacing them...all...the...fucking...time." 

I don't know WHY! But my head phones either go missing, break, or commit suicide after having been forced to spew out music all day long. Who knows?

What type of head phones do you use? Would love to know because I had bought them all from cheap to expensive. I got these at Target and I like 'em...they drain out the sound from my surroundings ...which kind of makes me nervous..considering if a killer came into my house I wouldn't hear him. 

And once again..patience is a virtue... I was about to rip this apart with my teeth.
I think I'll do some Yoga this weekend just to relax... 


Anyway, I go back to work tomorrow. I am happy because it's Friday and that means pay day, but sad because I will be there the whole day right after class.

Oh, I didn't get my grades for my tests back yet. I am pretty sure I got an A on one. The others...well...we'll see.

Happy Friday to You & Me! 
Love, M 


  1. Ummm, my jewelry is literally bursting/overflowing out of a somewhat small jewelry box I've had for years lol!! I do, however, have these plastic jewelry display racks that I got from Walgreens. You're just supposed to stick them onto something like a wall or a mirror and hang your things on it. It isn't pretty, but it does its job. I use it for all my day-to-day pieces I like to wear (the cheapy stuff). I feel ya about the headphones, they all seem so shoddy!!!! I think I have 3 broken headphones in my drawer next to my bed. Maybe I am hoping someday they will come back to life and work again? I dunno lol.

  2. hahaa wishful thinking.. mine never come back to life lol.. the things from walgreens sound nice seems like it would be easier to keep everything organized!!! :)