Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eh. Birchbox & Stupid Husbands & Someone Stole from Me.

The things I got this month. 
I won't list them (unless you really want me to) but here is the run down:
2 Face Creams (I think?) that have a disgusting smell and  a strong feeling they may break me out.
A perfume sample. 
I work with perfume and have grown sick of them. Hence, my lack of excitement here.
 Zoya Nail Polish in a Dull Color :(
Lame Birchbox. Lame. 
But I forgive you because I know you can't please everyone all the time.
I shall wait to be happy again in May! 

Anyway...what did I want to talk about? ....Let's see...


Yes! Ugh! Sometimes, I just get so bothered by the things people say and do that I have to tell someone else in order to make myself believe that YES, this just did happen! 


1. A lady was smelling her favorite perfume and she was telling the sales associate how she had run out of it. She asked for prices of the big bottle and the small bottle. 

The sales associate told her the prices. To be honest with you, it really wasn't that much considering it was designer perfume and it wasn't like it was Chanel or anything which would double the price. 

Now, the lady said that she did not want it. And that's fine. I understand that not everyone in this world has the luxury of buying designer perfumes. 

BUT!... It was what she said next that made me shake my head. 

"My husband wouldn't like me spending money on this. He doesn't understand. I shouldn't."

Um... yes you should. You came all the way here. Smelled it. Asked about it. Talked about how much you love it. Said how you have been using it for years. 

And you don't want to get it because of your husband???

Now, I understand too that when you are married that certain decisions have to made together..but damn lady...let yourself live. 

I feel awful that a woman is denying herself something that she clearly wants really bad...just because her husband wouldn't "understand." 

Eh..maybe I am wrong. I don't know. I just know when I get married my shopping habits will not change. I won't deny myself a small luxury once in awhile in fear of "upsetting" my husband. I bet my future husband wouldn't even care or notice. At least I think he won't. He better not. Because if I am that lady I am going home with that perfume.

2. Someone stole  from me. Clients. They stole my clients. In my position, clients are EVERYTHING. 
I live and breathe clients this, clients that. I am EXTRA nice to them and work hard to rail them in.
I don't get to talk to clients very often but they do make up 25-35% of my PAYCHECK. 

Talking is the hard part. It's hard to get clients to commit, especially the way I got these 2 ladies. 
2 once. Yes. That NEVER happens. I did all the hard work, but another co-worker came over and she ended up doing the paper work and getting all the credit for it .
The credit is commissioned so she made BIG.
I was upset. I was angry. I was like, "What the FUCK?" I really needed this. Especially, since my boss has been annoying me about needing to upgrade my clients. Fuck it, I can't do everything at once. 

I just have to much going on in my personal life. Today as well. So, I was too heart-broken already to fight with anyone. I told her though. She apologizes, said she made a mistake. She told me I already made my goal with clients and she didn't and was stressing out because of it. We hugged.
I don't care anymore. 
It's just that she should have told me instead of being shaddy. If you know, that I accomplished my goal and you are behind, let me know. That's ALL you have to do and I will go and rail people in and give them to you.
I did that for another co-worker today, so I could've done it for you, too. You didn't have to be shaddy about it. But I guess that's the business.

Oh, well. Work. Work. Work. 
Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. 

Can't wait til I go home. I really need a break. Hm...laying in the sun with a cold drink. Heaven! 

Love, M

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