Saturday, April 9, 2011


My Educational Life. 

Here is the thing. I look back on my life (the past few years) and I become upset when it comes to my education. So, right out of High School, I applied and got accepted to a very nice college. My plan was to major in Business. But for the past 2 years of High School, I was enrolled in a Medical Program. It put others and me on the fast track to careers in the Medical Field. Everyone said:

"You'll find a job."
"You'll have a stable career."
"You'll earn a well paying salary."
"Blah, blah."

And I did want to be a doctor. I really did. But things change. Life changes. So, I changed my mind about the Business College and kindly declined their very welcoming offer and enrolled in Pre-Med.

That was the biggest mistake of my life and trust me I made big mistakes in my life. 

So, here I was 2 years in..and I was miserable. I was getting A's and life was normal and on track. No reason, I shouldn't be happy right? Well, I wasn't and it was due to the fact that I knew this is not what I wanted. I just did not know how to get out of it because everyone in my family was so proud of me. Especially, for being enrolled in that exclusive medical program in High School. 

And one day, I just woke up and realized that I was going to do what I wanted and show everyone (including myself) that I can and will be successful without doing what was "safe" and familiar. I was going to take a risk.

I switched majors. I am currently getting my degree in Business at another college (not known for it's amazing Business Program, that school I just couldn't go back to - I guess it kind of hurt to much.) 

So, you ask, "M, why are venting about it now? You got what you wanted." It's true, I did. I just wished I knew what I wanted earlier. I would be done by now and God knows doing what. Then people tell me, "Everything happens for a reason." And HERE IT IS:

So, why did this happen? Why am I behind? Why am I not done now? Why? Why? So, I can be MORE stressed out now. What Earth Shattering Event would have happened if I had just went to Business School right away? Why would that cause the Universe to feel like it had a stick up it's ass? Why?!!!

There are things happening in my life and if I was only done by now, everything would fall into place. 
But now I worry day in and day out, how I will ever mange the certain (unrelated things) to fit into this new plan of mine that "happened for a reason."

To end this, I just want to say... My High School was very "Medical Filed" -ish. If you were not enrolled in a Medical Program..well you were just a "failure", and you were never going to be anyone or anything in this city. 

To anyone who reads this or cares, never let anyone tell you what you "should", major in. Just follow your dreams, may they be as "crazy" and "impossible" as mine. 

Love, M 


  1. I am Indian and my parents can sometimes be very 'Indian-minded'. In other words, they wanted me to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, etc. I wanted to do Journalism and decided to go for it. They agreed, but every time I talk to my dad, he asks me if I want to change courses! I guess I just have to wait till the end of my course and get a good job to show him it was worthwhile, but that sounds so far-fetched considering the ridiculous unemployment rate at the moment. My mum's dad is telling everyone that I am going to be running around with a camera taking pictures of celebrities, which is what he thinks Journalism is all about. Lol seriously? I want to open a shoe store in the future! But who knows eh? I think it's wonderful that you are doing what you want, better late than never. But then again you're right, there's always that 'what if...?' lingering around.

  2. Oh Wow..I have a good friend from India! My parents were like that too. haha "taking pictures of celebs" aww once you are making it they'll see.. it just takes time! I am happy you followed your dreams right away! I think everything will be okay! :)

  3. I think if you are doing what you want to do, then you should feel proud!! I made the same mistake of choosing my major too quickly. I went to FIDM for almost 2 years for Graphic Design, but I didn't really enjoy it. I rushed into it way too quick. That is also probably my biggest mistake I ever made. You seem independent, smart, and strong willed, I know no matter which career path you choose you will be successful :)

  4. awww thank you. that's so nice of you to say! i get the same feeling about you! you went to FIDM in Cali is it? I at one point thought about Graphic Design too but I was like omg.. too scary. haha