Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Outs: Cleavage. Yes, I am serious.

Now, I realize I might offend people as always with these "Inns" and "Outs". This post is different. Only because this is sometimes not done on purpose or sometimes it cannot be helped. Cleavage. Yes, I know girls want to be and feel sexy by showing off their goods just a little now and then. And that's fine, don't get me wrong. 

But doing it at:
Running Errands 

.. is wrong...in my opinion. 

It's like you are letting ever pervert look at your goods. It makes me mad, too when I see some girls tits hanging out at school. It's like, put those away, what the fuck do you need them out for? Seriously? I have no respect for these girls anymore. I am sorry if I offend anyone, but nowadays I feel like it's just inappropriate to dress so skimpy ..especially when you are not going out. 

Anyways, what do you think?

Love, M


  1. I agree. But maybe I am biased because I don't have cleavage hahaha! I think there is a time and place to let them boobies out in all their glory, but not all the time (if you can help it) :P

  2. I have awarded you the stylish blogger award http://makeupyourmind83.blogspot.com/ x x

  3. YAY xD. I don't like showing off cleavage. Ever. So YAY lol. I also don't like when girls flash their stuff. I mean.. aren't they worried they are gone loose their shirt/etc while dancing or so on? .<

  4. Tamara haaha I don't know they must not be worried lol. i would be how embarrassing! ah

  5. Oobadang, haha yeah there is a time in place. im not against that lol. i was "inspired" to do this because some girl was a centimeter from flashing me! haha

  6. Make-up your mind! OMG. thank u so much! that means a lot. im def going to do one too and you bet you'll be on my listo! :)