Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's no secret that I am Cesar Salad Freak. When you think of salads you think of health right?
I got this one at McDonald's only because I was too lazy to make my own. Which is crazy because it requires the least amount of effort ever in regards to putting together a meal. But I had just gotten done with work and was too tired. So, how many calories do you think is in here? Probably a million considering where it came from. Someone once told me that it had more fat than a hamburger. I mean, how in the world can you make something healthy so...unhealthy? I actually tried to look it up and the answer I got was about 400-600 calories. Mainly because of the chicken and dressing. Eh. Whatever. Right? It was damn good. 
Please don't tell me awful things about McDonald's. I know it's so unhealthy and gross. 

I guess what made it worse is that I took it down with a cold Pepsi. 
Remember how I said it tasted gross? Well, I was wrong. It tastes wonderful.
Last night, I had cravings for it. 
When will my caffeine addiction end? 
I am so sick and tired of it.  

Anyways, last night I was so surprised that I was working alone. Yes. ALONE. 
People called in. People left. People got fired. I don't know.
Point being I was super busy and basically had to do all the work myself. 
Which kind of pissed me off considering my job is not a one person job.
It's more like a 3 person job.
Plus, the boss kept coming around and giving me awkward smiles.
I just kept thinking. 
Get the fuck away from me.
I know that's harsh.
But he is just one of those men who feed of having power over women or people in general.
Being that I do work in the Beauty Industry a lot of my co-workers are either make-up artists, beauty consultants, product reps, etc. And they tend to be female. 
At this particular location we have about ...uh..yeah 1 dude.  
Whenever he comes around everyone runs.
Seriously. RUNS.
Pretending to do something and when he talks to them their voices become PAINFULLY fake and high pitched. 
The first time I ever saw him people told me, to run. 
Some girl even hid!
Yes, she was hiding. 
What from? Him.
I think she had some task due that wans't completed.
He also introduced himself to me. 
He was being polite and asking me questions about how I liked working for the company and what my major was in school and etc.
Although, I knew he wasn't listening. He was somewhere else off in his head. 
I could've said some awful, nasty, and dirty things to him and he would just nod and say, "Well, that's great. So glad you are here. Welcome. Welcome."
I mean..for crying out least pretend to give a shit about your employees. 
Anyways, you know me. I do not hide and I sure as hell do not run from any man, especially not in heels. 
Running in heels=dangerous. Not recommend. 
The girl who was hiding said she cannot stand to be called out by him.
I understand.
He gave me shit for falling behind.
And I am not making excuses, but it really wasn't my fault. 
With my work, it takes time. I cannot force the process.
I just wish he would have stopped lurking last night.
I just wanted to seriously scream.
I was under a lot of pressure and was really busy and he kept coming around.
It's like..fuck off already. 
Sorry, for the bad language. 
And this some what childish rant. 
I am in school majoring in Business. I hope to open my own Business one day soon. When that day comes, and I have my employees, I will make sure that they know that they do not work for me but they work with me. I promise I will take interest in each and every one of them. I promise to make sure they know that my door is always open and I will not degrade them or instill fear in them in order to get "better" results or obtain some form of "respect". 

On another note, I am really stressed out. I have exams in every class next week. One right after the other.
I will stay in this weekend and glue myself to my books. 
I will get A's. 
Well, hopefully.

Plus, there is so much to do before my trip. I have things for school to set up and for work. 
I still have sooooo much shopping left to do.
Which, is kind of a plus but also a negative. Only because I feel like I needed to have all this done months ago.
Oh, well. Who is joining my procrastination club? It's free. Haha.

Love, M 


  1. I love your rants, keep them coming haha! Good luck for your exams, and good on you for not hiding from your boss. I'm not a salad person, but that one looks absolutely delish! It does look unhealthy, but you know what they say: if you're gonna do it, do it right...
    McDonald's may be gross but there's really nothing like it.

  2. I have a weak spot for McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets. Every now and then, ya gotta give in! I haven't had one of their salads in years; I usually get salads from Jack in the Box or Wendy's (when I do get salads, which isn't very often haha). I feel you about that boss guy, but it has been so long since I have been able to have a steady job... There's 30% unemployment in my county!!! So when you get a business, I'm sending you my resume lmao!!
    Good luck on your exams!!!

  3. MissShiv, I knowwwwwwww you're so right if I am going to be bad I will be REALLY bad with McD. hahaha Thanks for the good luck wish!!! Don't you worry I have rants saved up to last a life time hahaha

  4. Oobadang- Chicken Nuggets! why didn't i think of that last night? Ah! hahaha i dont have a jack in the box near me. but i would love to go because it's so "american" like you see it in the movies and what not. omg 30% unemployment rate? wow! omg in all honesty you should send out your resume when I start my business. I am going to start my own clothing line and make-up line (well maybe make up) I already have an artist drawing up sketches for me. I am hoping to be set up within a year or two who knows! wouldnt that be cool tho! LoL