Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer Outs: Don't take this to heart.

I don't get it.
I don't care if you have a perfect body, what the romper does for you is not cute.
Plus, it's so lazy. It's like is it that damn hard to put together a top and shorts?
From the back girls look wide and like they are wearing "Mom Pants". 
It's not flattering. At all. 
It's a Universal Disaster. If you are top heavy, it'll make your waist look wider than it is. If you are bottom heavy, it'll look too tight. If you have no junk in your trunk, it'll point it out to the whole world. 
You can't win.
Out. Out. Out.

The high bun. Look, just because we see something on the runway doesn't mean it is wearable everyday. 
Half the time the runway is like art. You are awed and amazed by the colors and the structure of a design, but
let's face it... this isn't attractive. 

Bronzer. You are already tanner in the summer, you don't need to pack bronzer on as if it is going to give you some "glow". It just pushes you up on the Oompa Loompa Scale.

Pastel green and purple. 
I'll admit there are some pastel colors that are nice. 
But green and purple are WAY over played and over hyped. 
Just because you have a tan doesn't mean that every color will look AMAZING on your nails.
*Rolls eyes*.

Hope you don't hate me.
Love, M

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  1. Those top buns look just plain silly!! And bronzer - don't even get me started - I don't understand how any bronzer can look natural, either your tan or you're not! LOL!