Sunday, April 24, 2011

I can't believe this happened.

I have never had a problem with anyone at work. Come Monday morning, I am going to have to report someone for stealing from me and for breaking other rules. This girl, stole sales from me. Now, this is the same girl I mentioned before (2 posts ago). I will tell higher management EVERYTHING! I want them to fire her. After this, if they keep her...I will leave. I refuse to work with this bitch. And yes, I know sometimes I am harsh and too judgmental but no, she is a BITCH. She married a doctor and works as a sales associate, OK? (I am not a sales associate but I can pass BIG client sales on to them if they meet certain qualifications). She doesn't need the money THAT badly to be STEALING  RIGHT OUT OF MY FUCKING OFFICE! When I confronted her, she SCREAMED in FRONT OF CLIENTS! ARE YOU SERIOUS??????????????????????
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.. in my life HAVE I EVER.!!!! Oh, my God. I am so shocked. I worked at some pretty competitive places with triple the commission on double priced things than here..and for her to be so greedy and horrible.. I just... I can't. I don't know. How LOW do you have to be to STEAL? I want to know, seriously. And for anyone doubting me, she did steal, I have proof. Actual proof. Bad thing, my manger is out sick so I will have to find the person replacing her for the meantime. Sorry, for the rant and the lack of posts. Promise to post some beauty related things tomorrow or today. Hope you are all having a better weekend than me.

Love, M

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  1. What a sheisty biznatch. Let me know what happens!!