Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This/That Series! Drugstore Hair Conditioner!

I am going to start doing something new on my blog. It will be just me comparing drugstore and high-end products, or same products within one brand just to give people my opinion on what is a better buy and you know I am a hard critic so even though I may not write as much, I used all products for more than 2-3 weeks!

This is better than..


Although, I love the smell of this conditioner it doesn't "Repair" anything. 
The original formula is 20 times better because at least it smooths your split ends and gives your hair a soft, healthy, silky feeling. 
With the Repair conditioner, I still have to use other products to be able to brush through. 
And sometimes it left my ends much for "conditioning."

...Love, M

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  1. I really like that idea!! I haven't tried either of these (I'm trying a lot of organic/sulfate free hair products lately). This kind of reminds me of the Yes to Carrots shampoo/conditioner... IMO, the shampoo was SOOO BAD!! No lather, and greasiness by the following morning. But, the conditioner is very nice, thick & creamy. Odd how that is!