Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Offtopic: Working in the Beauty Industry.. The Ugly.

To my new followers, Thank you. To the people who encouraged me to continue with the personal posts..Thank you. 

As you know I started a new work project this week. It is in the beauty industry, specifically the fragrance aspect of it. What I do is boring and complicated..but in general I boost sales and teach others how to maintain and exceed sales goals. Whatever, who cares. I used to work for a pharmaceutical company before I switched careers, doing generally the same and I just have to...HAVE to let everyone know what it's really like from my point of view... 

It's not all butterflies and rainbows..no matter what industry you are in or what your job is..

Monday, was meetings. Boring...basics...you know the drill.. Company Policies... Don't discriminate... Here is the bathroom...

While I was sitting... waiting for this whole show to start... I overheard a meeting a man held, with all the supervisors of each dep. (makeup, face, fragrance, tools, etc) and the things he said to them made me laugh...on the inside only though. 


"Out of all the locations I have visited...you are the best...and the biggest..and blah blah"

The women cheered...idiotically. 

Why I think this is funny.... because it's not true... this particular location is small compared to the others.. the city population is less compared to the capital where there are triple the stores..and the numbers he was babbling out where considered average. 

There was NO way possible..that this location made more money than the location in the capital... if that were the case..why was I here?

I bet you anything he said that to all the other locations he was at...full of bullshit..just a talk he goes around giving to keep everyone encouraged or feel "special"... 

You should have seen him talk... I thought he was joking. 

Now the women....oh God, the women. 

You would think! THINK because they are working in the beauty industry they would know that when you pass 60, blue eyeshadow, a short skirt and leggings and bright pink lips is not attractive. 

The women there are all done up. No matter if they are on the sales floor or behind the scene. The smokey eye is happening at 7 o'clock in the morning..with color that is.  

Dare they say they bought a beauty related product from another store..everyone hushes them as if their life depended on it.

I cannot stand them. When you are in your 40's you cannot dress and act like a 16 year old. Especially not at work.

Now, meet the office pervert. The balding man...who wears cheap suits but pretends they are expensive. The one who brags about cash in his pocket and the man who loves to be in a room filled with women slightly better looking than his wife..at least then he knows he has some sort of chance. 

I met the office pervert today... he was part of a traveling sales team...it was him and 7 other women. Wow. 
What wife is so confident in herself she lets her flirtatious husband travel with 7 women all around the U.S for lengths unknown? Sleep in the same hotels..only foot steps away from each of their doors?

While my co-worker left to get something the conference room became empty...except me, the pervert, and a lonely looking woman with glasses. I had my head phones on, listening to a demonstration..all part of their company policy..blah ....the volume went off...and I heard him flirting with her... asking if he can sit next to her and shared his meal with her...

Then when he left and the other clan walked in, they began gossiping about what a pervert he is ..and how they didn't like him... 

And I thought to myself...? Where the **** am I? 

..now the C.E.O of this company looks like the stereotypical man who rents a hotel room by the hour with a high priced hooker. 

I might be judgmental..and you may think I am wrong. But I have been in this business long enough to know when I see a greedy dirt bag he usually is a greedy dirt bag...

I am embarrassed to work for this company..they are so full of it.. talking about "We love all our associates, employees.. you are important to us.." yet...if you are not high ranking your office will look like a prison with a desk..and the training rooms consists of technology and chairs and desks from the 90's... yet the C.E.O spends his money like it's nothing..most likely on hookers.

I am sorry. I had to vent. I hope someday people read this and realize that working for a company such as this is degrading ...and there is nothing "beautiful" about it. 

Much Love <3 M


  1. That sucks. I really liked your descriptions - they made me lol. Can I ask where you live? You don't have to get too specific. Half the stores in my local mall have closed out of business and it is hellish to find a place that's even considering taking applications right now. So I'm just curious haha.
    ps: Does lanaindiana work with you by chance? I think you described her in here. lol.

  2. hahah lol..no I don't work with her... this post would have been much more colorful... right now I work in the the Northwest of the U.S... but it doesn't really matter where you are..if its a big company you are bound to run into idiots.. If you really want to be in the beauty industry I suggest starting your own business or freelancing.. <3

  3. oh and yeah it took me just about 3 months to get back on a work project..its very slow here..last year was much more busy..