Monday, March 7, 2011

OUT: Looking Like A UMPA LUMPA... If you are wise you will listen to me!!!


Avoid fake tanning because...

You can end up looking the nasty no one-wants-to-touch-you-way.

You can miss spots from head...

to toe..

Fake tanning products can be expensive and you will have to end up purchasing them many times to keep your "tan". 

These also contain harsh chemicals that can and will damage your skin over time! 
Why drench your body in chemicals? That's disgusting!

Tanning beds are dangerous. You can get skin cancer.. God forbid..all for a tan. 
Why risk it? Only a fool would. 

Stay away, please.

The best way to get a tan is to go out in the sun with SPF on. 
You can still get a tan. I have always put on SPF before going out tanning and I get the most natural and beautiful tan and you can, too. Please don't do these harmful things to your skin. 

Love, M! 

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