Saturday, March 5, 2011

What the women are like at work...

Catty. That is what they are like. 
Plain catty.

I have NEVER in my life met such...bitches. I hate to be so blunt..but honestly there is NO other way to explain. 
I mean..really. 

I hit the sales floor last week to get an overview of what the sales are like..etc. I was greeted by middle aged women with smiles so fake they made Pamela Anderson's tits look natural. 

I was insulted. They looked me up and down, judging me by what I was wearing, how my make up was done...etc. I am not blind..or death.. I can hear you judging me inside your head, it was that obvious.

I was dressed more professionally then they were, although I was missing 2-3 pounds of the extra make up they were wearing. 

Not to mention some girls had caked on their make up so bad you could see it a mile away.

But it isn't about what they was about how they behaved. Here I am... the newbie.. and I got the scoop of what really goes down within minutes..

I went around introducing myself and asking questions (due to my work) etc... and here is what the conversation went like with bitch #1:

ME: "Hello, I am "M", I am new and I will be working with you for the next few months."
Bitch # 1: "Oh..okay."
ME: "I am sorry, I didn't catch your name..?"
Bitch # 1: ...........

(Stares at me.....)


ME: "Well, okay it was nice to meet you."

Walked away.

Other things I heard:

Bitch # 2: "So and So is a bitch, she never does anything right."
Bitch # 3 to Bitch # 4: "Just forget it, you don't know anything, you piss me off."
Bitch # 5 to # 6: "You are dressed like a whore.. "
Bitch # 6: "You smell like shit."

The amount of gossip that goes around is absolutely ridiculous.. not only about each other, but the company, the clients. 

One client complained about a sales person and people laughed and talked about it behind her back.

I am so shocked. I almost don't want to go back. 

Wearing 4 inches heels all day running around all day...

my feet are killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, update about the person who lied to me about something important to me: turns out it was just an misunderstanding...we're okay. I guess. We'll see. Oh, love.... you bitch.

I gotta go, I got an exam on Tuesday :o Wish me luck !

Love, M 

oh, I almost you guys want to see a Spring Haul??


  1. i loved this , what area of business do u work in. i work in beauty and my place is like this to

  2. I work in ..kind of like temporary sales for cosmetics/fragrances. Ugh... God help me and you! haha <3