Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural Beauty. It's complicated.

I realized today that I don't want to keep on damaging my hair by getting it dyed 3-4 times a year to up keep a hair color  I wasn't born with. 
This is close to my natural color (Soft Black) by Nutrisse. 
It was cheap, fast and easy.
My hair looks really it does.
It's a beautiful black and I feel so good about myself right now. 

I keep looking in the mirror and I like what I see. 
I am just going to let it fade won't be as noticeable. 

Natural beauty is so important and it's the one thing that will make you truly love your body, hair, etc.

Last year, I had to learn that lesson the hard way.
I was leaving for a vacation and I wanted to look my best.
So, I went tanning....
I got my hair cut...
& my eyebrows done.

The tanning turned out horrible (spray tan). I have been in sun beds, too before but this was last minute and nothing was open. 
So, I got a spray tan.
Umpa lumpa...
I looked orange and the tanning product dripped down my legs and it stained my feet looked dirty!

I spent hours trying to scrub it off..nothing worked.

I got my hair cut..and it turn out bad!
Layers were all over the place..

I got my eyebrows and the lady did them too thin!

Ugh.... It was horrible!

I realized I didn't even need a tan, hair cut, or my eyebrows done!

I spent most of my vacation explaining why my feet looked like they have been tap dancing in mud.
People asking me where my eyebrows went? I don't know..some place I wish was, too so I wouldn't have to face this shame!

I am going to try my best to keep my natural beauty going...
wear less make-up..
no more hair dying..
dressing like what's "in style", but rather just what I like.


Anyone have a similar experience?
Lets toast to our natural beauty!
Love, M


  1. Your story made me lol :) I agree about the natural beauty stuff. On a daily basis I feel comfortable just wearing tinted moisturizer, powder, blush and mascara... It took me a loooong time to get to the point where I realized it's ok not to wear tons of makeup all the time. Because now I look like ME! Haha

  2. hahaha i know. it's hard but im glad you realized and didnt have to live thru what i did. i never used to leave the house without makeup now i could care less.

  3. Did you like the Garnier hair dye? Was it worth it?

  4. Amy,

    Yes, I liked it. I always use that one! It was worth it. They have a lot of colors to choose from and box comes with some aloe or vitamin e thing that you put in the dye so your hair wont get as damaged. But I used them in the past. It's a good brand! :)