Thursday, March 17, 2011

Offtopic: Series I love right now...& a letter to my co-worker.

What are your favorite shows right now?
Need a show buddy to discuss all the "drama" or quote each other funny lines?
That's me!!!
Love, M

Oh, a little work rant:

Dear Co-Worker,

 I understand when you pronounce my name wrong. 
It's hard. You have to roll your "r's".
What I do not understand is you telling me you don't like my name. 
What I do not understand is you insulting my parents, myself and my home country by asking why my parents would name me that? 
Why did your parents name you, Pam? For crying out loud, they named you after a cooking spray.
What I do not understand is you continuing to speak when I asked you politely to let it go and get over it and just try your best to say my name correctly.
What I do not understand is asking me if you can call me Amy. 
My name is not Amy. It doesn't even sound like Amy. 
I do not understand asking me to come up with a nick name for myself.
I have a name, already. And if you cannot read, pronounce, or even speak correctly then that is not my fault. I have another idea, instead of calling me Amy, or coming up with idiotic nicknames for me, how about you not call me anything at all? Because, I would LOVE to not have to communicate with you as much as you would LOVE not to pronounce my name correctly because of your pure laziness to learn and ignorant behavior. 


Not Amy.


  1. Wow who the hell do you work with??? These work stories you post sound so ridiculous! How rude of her! Can I ask what is your name? And I think the name Pam is pretty ugly lol. It also makes me think of the cooking spray :/

  2. I know...I am telling you..I have NEVER met such rude people in my life. I wish I could tell you my name but it's VERY rare..only like 10 people in the U.S have it and I would like to keep my privacy.. :) I hope you understand...I am just paranoid about people from work finding this site and me getting Thank you for commenting!!! You always do!! <3

  3. No prob! I totally understand. It is probably super awesome lol