Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Song of the WEEK....maybe month..!!!

I've been dancing to this all day!!! SPRING BREAK STARTS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ...not...since I'll be WORKING :( .... and doing volunteer work.... because I love doing that.. :) But, anyways...anyone going to Mexico or other sunny places for the break? If you are, don't tell me... I will be jealous...ahhhhh only a few months until Europe for me though!!!!1 AHHH I am so excited.. I cannot wait... if tomorrow June was here I'd have a heart attack from pure excitement!!! 

Love <3 And P:S ..Thank you to the new followers and the rest for sticking with me.  I really appreciate it!


  1. Where are you going to visit in Europe? I'm not doing anything for Spring Break either, don't feel too bad :)

  2. I am going in June ..all over the place...Italy and back home to my country for sure!!! :D And Germany as always... <3 soo excited! Do you have plans for the summer?