Monday, March 28, 2011

OUT: Boyfriend Blazers...Sorry.

Okay. I know people might get mad at me because boyfriend blazers are so in and what not. 
But, seriously. 
I never bought one.
I refuse.
They are :
 figure distorting
 shoulder padded 
bulky looking

Just say no!
I know everyone started this craze after Kim K started wearing them.

It's out of control. No one is original anymore. Everyone thinks they can just throw on a blazer and go on to work. Or throw a blazer on a dress and think they are being fashion forward or trendy.

My Goodness. No. 

Now, if you insist on wearing one or have to because you are employed in a professional environment, then buy something form fitting and flattering. And not in black. Try white, navy, or cream colored blazers instead.
Like this: 

Don't hate me, now. 
If I see one more blazer I am going to throw up.

Sorry, Love M


  1. Eeew that one on the top is ugly and a bit too masculine. I am indifferent to the boyfriend blazer thing - What I really think is ugly are the boyfriend jeans. I only liked them when I saw them on Katie Holmes. They would probably just make me look even shorter and fatter hahahaha

  2. i know!!!!... i know the boyfriend jeans... some people can really pull it off. im not one of those people. hahahah i know i am not tall either im like 5'3.. 5'4 ..and i wish i was taller hahaha