Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Clothing & Accessory Haul! Have a Fun Weekend & Stay Safe!

Place of Purchase: Charlotte Ruse 
Price: $15.00 
Description: Navy &White Lined with Lace Detail Button up with Gold Buttons.
Plans to Wear: Will be great with some light colored distressed jeans and a tank top (probably white).
Money Saving Detail: Charlotte Ruse is having a deal when you spend $25.00 you get a $5.00 off coupon for next time valid from 2.24.11-3.09.11. 
If you spend $50.00 you will get a $10.00 off coupon and if you spend $75.00 you
 will get a $15.00 off coupon. 
So, I got this button up and some unmentionables for $10.00. 
It's a great deal! 
PS: I am not affiliated with Charlotte Ruse. 
Place of Purchase: Wet Seal
Price: $19.50
Description: Over sized Button up Leopard Print Cardigan.
Plans to Wear: Great with a neutral colored tank top, dark jeans and a dark brown belt. 
Money Saving Detail: None.
Place of Purchase: Target Superstore 
Price: $8.00 
Description: ( Grey )The Boyfriend Tee  
Plans to Wear: Great with any pair of jeans for casual days. 
There were other colors but this shade of grey will compliment most jeans. 
Money Saving Detail: None 
Place of Purchase: Wet Seal
Price: $6.00 
Description: White feather earrings with mulit- colored stones and 2 gold strings on each earring. 
Plans to Wear: Not sure yet, but the multi-colored stones make me think of a fun night out. 
Money Saving Detail: Wet Seal is having a deal on their jewelry:
Buy 1, Get one 50% off. 
But I didn't see anything else I liked in that section.  
Place of Purchase: Wet Seal (Clearance Section)
Price: $4.99
Description: Big Nude Bangle with Gold Lining around it.
Plans to Wear: With outfits that need some toning down such as the Leopard Print Cardigan. 
Money Saving Detail: This was from their clearance section, so you can one for the price listed and one for a penny (if the item is the same price or under). I got another bracelet but I gave it to my mama. 

Okay, that's it for now ladies. I am sick so I will be in bed all this weekend so look for posts!
Hope you enjoyed this haul! And I hope that you guys don't mind hauls! I am planning for a trip to Europe I take every summer therefore I am slowly starting to get different things and such! Normally I wouldn't shop so much! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please stay safe! 

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