Saturday, February 19, 2011

January/February LOVE!!! Estee Lauder 18 Shadow Deluxe Pallet ...

From the top:
Ivory Slipper (Satin)
Enchanted Forest (Shimmer)
Wild Sable (Matte)

From top:

Silver Bell (Shimmer)
Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer)
Nude Fresco (Satin)

From the top:

Tranquil Moon (Satin)
Peacock Blue (Shimmer)
Berry Burst (Shimmer)

From the top:

Smoky Ember (Shimmer)
Sugar Biscuit (Satin)
Safari Green (Shimmer)

From the top:

Candy Crave (Satin)
Amethyst Spark (Shimmer)
Tempting Mocha (Shimmer)

From the top:

Polish Platinum (Shimmer)
French Vanilla (Satin)
Provocative Plum (Matter)

...all these colors are different from one another, even though my swatches were kinda lame. 
They are SUPER pigmented once you apply them to your lid and blend like a dream!!!

Sorry for the crappy pictures at the end. 

I love this pallet. I have been using it since I got it during the holidays.
Unfortunately, they are no longer sold. 
But I wanted to share the surprising quality of Estee Lauder..

I do believe you can buy the single colors ...

Will try next!

As you remember my first post on a pallet I love...

Victoria Secret's Metallic Eyes Pallet... 
for a look inside and swatches...

I also want to try the other more colorful pallets... 

Love <3 
What are some of your favorite pallets?

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