Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gifts for Guys!

I am in love. 
I have never in my life smelled something so beautiful and attractive than this cologne. 
It seriously melts me. 
I thought I'd share in case you have a man in your life with an upcoming birthday, anniversary, etc.
Cologne makes a great present, if you know the mans taste and so forth.
I cannot imagine anyone not liking this smell. 

It's the Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection 
Number 3!
Wow, poor choice in collection naming, but the smell makes up for it. 
I smelled a sample of this in my Cosmo magazine.. and I just fell in love.
It smells like's beautiful. 

I always have a hard time picking out gifts for guys, because God only knows what they want right?
But I will buy this for my boyfriend because the smell is AH-MAZZZZING! 

Anyways, let me know if you like "Beauty", things geared towards men and I'll try to include more tips on what to get them, etc. 

Much Love <3


  1. I gave my boyfriend 3 of these for Christmas -- He REALLY loves cologne. By 3 though I don't mean 3 of the same ones... I got him the green one, red one, and orange one. The green one is by far my favorite, it smells so sexy! You should also try out Fresh's Cannabis Santal or Marc Jacobs Men... Those are 2 others I LOVE on my boyfriend :))))

  2. Oh really?! I have to try the other ones, too! Doesn't a boyfriend seem a 1000 times better when he smells like something you love? Lol <3