Monday, February 7, 2011

LAZY POST: Small Drugstore Haul....ENJOY! :)

Hard Candy Blush in Honeymoon $7.00 USD
I read so many positive reviews on this drugstore blush that everyone has been using as a highlight.
The color is amazing... I couldn't get a picture of a swatch that did it justice. I don't know how to use my camera very well it's new..but I'll link a great swatch right here:
This from my own swatch, hope she doesn't mind I linked hers! 

These single Rimmel London Eye Shadows.. they just caught my eye and I thought this is so me, I have to get these so I did. Under $3.00 USD for each, they are great. 
From the top: 
Royal Linen 
Precious Rose (which I regret because it's sheer)
Urban Green
I can never have enough green eye shadows!

This is Royal Linen 
A nude matte, perfect for days when you want the natural nude look.

From left: Again Royal Linen 
Next to Precious you can see very sheer!

And lastly, Urban green, just beautiful!

The bottle broke! :(

This is one of the NEW Revlon Nail Polishes, it is suppose to have a scent, but so far smells like nail polish.
The color is much darker than what you get on your nails unless you build it up.
I'll show pictures later, I only swatched it slightly on my nail. 

The complete bundle!
She is beautiful and independent. 
I also adore Angelina Jolie. 
But I am so Team Aniston!

Leave a comment below on anything you'd like. Are you Team Aniston or Jolie? Ever tried the Hard Candy line? What about the Rimmel London eye shadows? 

<3 LOVE!!! 

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