Saturday, February 26, 2011

Off topic: Lately..

This is my personal blog, so sometimes I will put posts up that are off topic, such as my personal life. If you don't like those type of things just skip them! 

Anyways, I got a new job. It's a project actually, but it will take me right until June..or May. I got the call yesterday along with a Congratulations. Which was a first, because I never got a "Congratulations", for a job before. Obviously, I cannot disclose the company name due to my privacy. But this I can tell you, it's for a fragrance LOL. I don't know what else to say. I was really excited about it yesterday afternoon, but then I had a bad night, so everything seems dull now.

Someone I truly love has let me down and lied to me about something very important to me. It's just very heart breaking when you find out. Sometimes people do that and that's life..and that's sad.

In other news, I lost 3 pounds... in 3 days. Just because I stopped drinking Pepsi. I am not overweight or trying to loose weight. But ever since I can remember I have had a serious caffeine addiction. The day before yesterday, I slept for 16 hours..all my energy is gone. I might take up drinking one cup of coffee a day. I have never been a fan though, so we'll see."Oh,but how can you sleep for 16 hours in the middle of the work week?", you ask. Well, due to my job, I get different projects from time to time so sometimes I end up with a lot of free time. It's a blessing really. But when I am not free, it's busy...crazy busy..the type of busy where when I come home from work I mange to shower..(because God knows I won't wake up early to do that)..and eat leftovers..standing up in the kitchen...and falling asleep with the T.V on with wet hair. And I repeat this cycle daily..for months... 

I was told, I would only have to work less than 20 hours a week to complete this project... so hopefully that will remain true. 

I am taking classes this semester, too. To upgrade my degree. I have all A's right now, which is a miracle because I half ass almost everything. I guess the professors half ass their grading, too then.
But this job, could not come at a worse time. My lack of energy and this depressing news about someone I love has really hit hard. 

I start Monday. Wish me Luck. 

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