Saturday, February 5, 2011

INNHITS: Simplicity is Making a Comeback

Simplicity is making a comeback (in my opinion). I really like these key items below and they are also all a smart investment if you are on a budget because their versatileness is high and they almost never go out of style.

Use brown belts either plain or with minor detail to add to any light to dark colored jeans and even white or navy colored jeans to give an outfit extra definition. 

Nude bags go with almost anything and in this economy it's smart to settle for a high quality bag like this because it will last and compliments most of your wardrobe. 

Brown bags will also do the trick if you are not fond of nudes or have trouble keeping them clean.
The top one has extra buckle detail if you prefer a more distinctive bag. 
And the the bottom one has a modern strap feature. 

These totes are school/work appropriate plus they are simple so you won't have to worry about matching your outfit during a busy morning. 

Nude pumps are key in any girls shoe collection. For that dress that has too much going on, tone it down with these or use them to avoid wearing a too "matchy-matchy" outfit (Red dress, red pumps). Remember to only buy plain and simple pumps, nothing with straps, extra bling or the "cage" effect, since those details may go out of style at any time. 

High waisted skirts are making a comeback as well. But they don't have to be your mothers. 
Small details on the skirts such as the lines on this skirt give it a modern look. Tuck in a colored or even plain top in and add some heels and you've got a very classy outfit while keeping the sexy aspect. 
They do amazing things for your figure!

Another example.

White jeans. Too many women seem afraid of white bottoms because they are scared they are going to be see through or they will get them dirty. 
But get a high quality pair if you can, the fabric will be thicker (usually) and add a colorful or solid color top to create a sophisticated outfit. 

We heard a rumor that the flare is making a comeback as well..hmm.. 

Navy color jeans are also more versatile than you think. Add solid tops to these or colorful ones to tone them down. I love navy jeans with a light brown (Carmel color) belt and a white button up top. Looks very classy and different from the regular jeans. 

Hope you enjoyed this. 

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  1. ooo i love this post it made me want to search ebay for vintage belts xx