Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 Songs I like & Update of What is to come! Give me your opinion!

Hey Ladies,

This song by Leona Lewis has been playing all day & this one by Lady Gaga makes me wanna dance! :) I thought it would get people excited for the weekend! :) 

Anyways things, I am going to post about:

I went shopping today, so you'll probably see a small clothing and accessory haul! Nothing fancy just, from my local mall.

I am also planning a review on glitter eyeliner! I thought this would be fun especially for upcoming Spring/Summer nights :) 

I will also do another January/February Pallet LOVE... a surprising one! 

I am also expecting my first birchbox EVER!

I am also working on INNOUTS: Fashion Edition of 2010... 

Plus, I am thinking of starting a new edition of Innouts: Cosmetic Companies... thoughts on that?
(I would tell you all negatives things of the company, etc)

& of course, I ordered more make up for review... so we will see.

Please tell me below what you like to see, this blog isn't about me but what you guys like to see, so please give me your feedback! 

And Thank you for following my blog, I know there is only 4 people right now and to other people that may not see like a lot but I really appreciate you! 

I am hoping that when I get to 50 followers (maybe someday?) We'll do a giveaway! I am thinking Top Ten Favorite Nail Polishes? 

Enjoy your weekend! Look for a post tomorrow! <3 


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