Monday, May 23, 2011

Oops, another haul.. it's mini.

Dior Mascara Primer.. = not impressed so far. Need more time.
Josie Maran Eyeliner.. = Dries quick and easy to use..only downfall not as black.
Make Up Forever Eyeliner in Champagne.. = love so far.
Peter Thomas Roth Lip Gloss..= LOVE LOVE LOVE... BUY THIS! RIGHT NOW! OMG! 
This lasts on your lips unlike any other lipgloss plus it smooths your lips out like no other letting them look plump and sexy. 

I am getting back ups! 

From top:
Joise M Eyeliner
Make Up Forever Eyeliner in Champagne 
Peter Thomas Roth Lipgloss

Hope everyone is doing well.
I am working 40 hours a week now.
Remember when they told me it was only going to be 20?
Plus, I don't know if they are just being so damn cheap or something is broken but it is hot in that place like no other.
 It's so hot, people (including yours truly) have been getting physically ill.

Horrible work conditions...must be against the law.

I CANNOT believe them. 
Everytime someone complains they get brushed off. 

I am waiting for someone to pass the fuck out, so they take us seriously.

Off to bed.

Love, M 

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