Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Haul~ Stuff I forgot to show you last time!!!

I forgot these things last time. 
I don't know how?
Hope you like! <3

Calm To Your Senses 
Body Cream

It ACTUALLY does calm your senses.

Sally Hershberger Root Lifter 

Love this. Doesn't leave residue in your roots. Lifts like no other. 

Sally Hershberger Hair Spray

Love these. Revlon Gentle Cuticle Remover = NEW LOVE.
I got the Post Trauma Treatment because I damaged my nail bed ..long story..anyway check these out!

Juicy Couture- Body Scrub
I needed a body scrub and they were out of the Viva La Juicy one..or maybe they don't make one? I don't know! But I got this instead.
Seriously, the smell is not my favorite but it's okay because it doesn't last. I just like this because you get a ton! 

Victoria Secret Sparkling Lip Gloss 

Love this! Will get more in different colors..even though they are pretty sheer. 

Maybelline Stylish Smokes- Blue Smokes? or Sapphire Smokes?
Kind of disappointed in this. 
I have the Green Smokes quad which is on my Top 10 list..but this not so much..

This caught my eye! Isn't it pretty?
Maybelline Eye Studio Baked Duo
I haven't used this yet but I love the colors!!!

Scottish Fine Soap
Seaweed Soap

I LOVE this smell. It reminds me of being a child again living in Germany. 
I don't actually use this soap, I just smell it when I am stressed. 

Clinique Super Moisture Foundation. 

Ok, sorry for the haul... I am thinking about doing an ultimate list of things not to wear or top 10 outs.. 
It sounds fun! I am done with school now! YAY! 
 And I will also do a accessory haul later... I don't know why but I've been getting a lot of Bags and wallets..and jewelry lately so look out for that. 
Anyway, if you want an in depth review of anything let me know!
Love, M 


  1. Nice haul! I think I'll try the revlon cuticle remover. Isn't it nice when smells remind you of good times! Haha. I actually just got some goats milk soap and am going to use it for the 1st time right now when I shower... It smells divine!!

  2. Absolutely love your hauls! You have best variety of things.

  3. what do u think of this foundation ?

  4. Oobadang- That sounds so nice!!! :)

    MissShiv- Thank you!

    Make-up your mind- It's okay. It's medium coverage lasts up to 6 hours... goes on dewy but dries normal.