Saturday, May 28, 2011

Innhits: NAILS!

Okay...glitter nail polish is out! And..

nails with different colors are in!

So, instead of doing glitter on 1 or all nails.. take a royal blue and paint all your nails except the ring fingers and paint those a complimentary shade such as an aqua color. 
Or whatever else!

Right now, I am sporting gun mental on 80% of my nails and the other 20% is platinum silver!!!
It looks so COOL! 

Major complements from people!!!

Love, M 

Oh...PS:... Is it just me or is this fucked up?

I was watching a "What's in my Purse" video on YT and this girl (older than me) has an LV bag... but she keeps E.L.F in it and Hello Kitty Stuff... ummm time to grow up? no? just a little? You are an embarrassment to LV!!!!! 


  1. Glitter polish is a pain to take off anyway! Haha. And about the LV bag person, well it's all about the labels. So what if LV is aimed towards the wealthy, classy types and Hello Kitty loses its charm after girls hit age 10? It's all about the label!! It's really pathetic sometimes because some people really have no personal style because of brand obsession.

  2. I know... I mean too that LV bags are expensive. The brown patter is so boring and everyone has it. And the fact that someone who is in their mid 20's is logging around Hello Kitty crap in it just seems f'ed up to me...not because Lv is for "rich" people it's for grown up people not girls trapped in their childhood!!! lol sorry if it offended you i just think there is something wrong with that?! lol