Wednesday, May 4, 2011

About Calvin Klien Cosmetics

My review of Calvin Klien Cosmetics. 

Please note, I only own a single eyeshadow, an eyeshadow trio, 2 cream shadows, and a lip liner. That't it. But they do have blushes, foundations, lipsticks and lip glosses and nail polishes and powders and ect.

But here it is. Their eye shadows are amazingly pigmented and are rich in color. What you see is what you get. They have a long lasting power, I'd say a good 8 hours or more depending on your primer. They are even more perfect when you take the cream shadow and place them on top of pressed eye shadow. Do not use as a base. These are VERY creamy, they are meant to give an extra "umph". Going from day to night, you can just add the cream shadow on top and there is your night look (pat it on only).

The Green is pigmented, the Silver one I am disappointed in.

So, there you have it. That was short. But like I said I only have these few things. I get mine from a local beauty shop a girl opened I know from High School. She said she won't be getting anymore CK in because I think it's getting either discontinued or replaced with a new line.

Otherwise I found a link:

Or..I heard people can get theirs at TJ Maxx? I would be careful because it may have been opened or used by someone else or expired. So, please be careful!

Hope this helps.

Love, M

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