Friday, May 20, 2011

Companies do not care about their fragrances... so I guess don't buy them?

I only use Chanel as an example in this rant. 
I know I have been working in the fragrance industry for a few months now... and by no means am I an expert. 
But shit, I do know what I see and I do know the difference between right and wrong.

In my opinion, designers use fragrances and so do celebs as a last resort money making machine. 
The kind of money where you think, "Oh, yeah I forgot I got money coming in from that", type thing.
You know what I mean?

I cannot count the MISTAKES in ADVERTISING, PRODUCTIVITY, and EVERYTHING FUCKING ELSE that I had to correct in the past few months. 

That's why I've been working overtime. 
I SWEAR... these people sit around and just throw together some scented oils together.

Yeah...okay maybe Chanel doesn't because they have a perfume guy..but still. 
He doesn't impress me either.
The scents are not one of a kind. 
Other brands (older ones) have had similar things around.

To be honest, I believe that they (companies in general) care more about the make up because that will get daily use...
it will be more obvious to the consumer to see if something is of low quality.
With perfume, if it doesn't last or smells bad on you... well then it's just "YOUR BODY CHEMISTRY." 
Yes, it's your God givien body that Chanel is so fucking disgusted by that the perfume transforms itself into pure smelling shit so that you won't put it on again. 

For crying out loud, why cannot ANY OF THEM take the fucking time to make something half way DECENT?

Don't get me started on prices either.
Oh. My. God. 
Did ya'll know that for a 3.4 fl oz bottle or like 100 ml bottle it costs companies only 1/4 of the actual price to make?
I mean.. do you know what that means? They are selling it for 3 times more than what it's worth.
So, I know they obviously have to make a profit. 
So, what about just 1/2?
Why be greedy?
How can you be greedy?
How can you CHARGE so much?
For something that looks like you pulled out of your ASS!!!

The celebs are the worst. They only sell out their names.
And whenever they are interviewed about beauty products that they use, it's ALWAYS the ones that they are sponsored by. ALWAYS. want me to believe you use Covergirl? Shit, I don't even use Covegirl and you do, you big wealthy celeb? 
I don't get it. 

Rant. Over. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. The worst perfumes I've ever come across are celeb perfumes. They look cheap and smell no better. Have you seen the 'Sex and the City' range? Don't even bother, it's a bunch of crap.