Saturday, May 7, 2011

A different kind of April Favorites!

I don't have products to show you. I thought I'd change things up a little. Everything on this blog tends to be so materialistic. I want to focus on things that are REALLY my favorite things this month.

1. Hearing, D call me the nicknames he made of my name. * More on D another day.
2. The support that my mother gives me in my weakest moments. 
3. My dog wagging his tail and running towards me whenever I come home.
4. My Grandma pretending she is tough and wanting to wrestle and saying things like, "Come on, I can take you". It's hilarious. 
5. A male co-worker always making JUST friendly conversation without being a creep..well that I know of? LoL.
6. Seeing my brother (we're both busy people). 
7. Seeing an item I have been wanting go on sale for 50% off.
8. Getting a raise at work!
9. Completing part C of my work project.
10. ALMOST being done with this semester.
11. Making 2 new best friends at work. These ladies are amazing. I LOVE THEM! They are some of the BEST KIND HEARTED WOMEN I'VE EVER MET IN MY LIFE! 

Things that sucked this month...

1. Not being able to pick a damn nail polish color to pain my nails with.
2. Not buying a nail polish just because I can't fucking decided. Like it's fucking brain surgery or something. 
3. Rude people who are rude just because they know I can't say shit to them or I'll get fired. 
4. Wanting to buy so many things but knowing very well that I do not need them.
5. Running late to work every single fucking morning even though I get up early. 

Would love to know what some of your favorite non material and material things were this month!

Gonna go shower and sleep gotta work early tomorrow! Shit.. oh well. 
Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I got my Mom a gift... she wanted this: 

                                                                        I think this was... $73.00? 
Love, M 


  1. Aww I like this post! Since you're having trouble with your nail polish, here are some of my favorites, if I may suggest: Orly Fancy Fuschia, Nars Poker Face, and Orly It's Not Rocket Science. I am also really loving this minty green one from Sally Hansen (Miracle Growth one, you can prob see it on displays still) but I can't find it :<

  2. oo0o0o I just got some Orly nail polishes today..they are my fav! I should try some Nars..
    I think I have the Sally Hansen thing... I think I sub consciously collect her things? LOL ! I am gonna check to see if I have it!