Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am back and here to stay with a Random Haul! Beauty Edition!

New Cosmetics Organization.
Why not make it pretty right?! 

Nelly. Leave in conditioner! I have been looking for this in my city and couldn't find it until a friend got me one from TJ MAXX! :) Who knew? Only $5.99 for a piece of heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aussie Root Lifter! Love the smell and look of the bottle, for some reason reminds of my childhood summers on the beach?

Garnier Tinted Under Eye Concealer.. really works for me... love. 

Clarins Toner Lotion...gentle. Great if you have a break out..just put on cotton ball and hold on area for 
2 minutes. 

Prada Amber Lotion.
Lotion is enough. 
This is strong but I love it in the winter time and I only need a bit.

Benefit Legally Bronze Kit from Sephora. 

Ok. That's it for now. Sorry, I've been gone but please keep in my mind that I do have a full time job that requires a lot of my time. 

Love, M 

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